Côte d’Azur Web TV Festival Unveils Lineup for 2020

Created by Clinton H. Wallace in 2019, the 1st Côte d’Azur Webfest received over 200 entries through Film Freeway and took place at Cannes Film Festival’s prestigious Marche Du Film at the famous Gray d’ Albion theatre in May 2019.  Now entirely online due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the festival still plans to forge ahead and has unveiled its selection for this year’s festival and is offering opportunities for graduates from USC Film and NYU Film Schools to showcase their projects.

Clinton H. Wallace
Clinton H. Wallace

With no red carpets or in-person screenings, Wallace has created a perfectly timed viewing platform for directors to share their work in a virtual international atmosphere and selections for this year’s event include submission from several continents.

“Up and coming hopefuls were selected from Brazil, Australia, South Korea, Europe and beyond to submit their short form films and web series,” shares Wallace who has produced numerous award-winning independent feature films. “The Winners are then selected and screened later on the Web TV Streaming Platform Côte d’Azur WEBFEST TV. We have two separate channels now,” he continues. “Côte d’Azur streams short films under CDTV Originals and their first project is a South African short film entitled “Inkaba,” which is directed by last year’s winner Sipho Nuse.”

Côte d’Azur Web TV Festival
Côte d’Azur Web TV Festival

Just 23 years old, Nuse, also has two short films that have been showing in Europe and the United States. among other countries.

Last year’s winners also included British female Producer/Director Jane S. Linter and her Limited Web Series and Short Film “Who RU Wearing?” a scripted comedy series and film about what goes on behind the scenes in the cutthroat world of Hollywood Red Carpet.

Check out this year’s official 24 selections for 2020 below:

1. “Skeleton Crew” Directors: Joshua R. Pangborn and Stuart Kiczek (United States) Category: Comedy.

2. “Demon Doctor” Director: Joshua R. Pangborn (United States) Category: Horror.

3. “Cigarettes & Eggs” Director: Lorraine Wheat (USC School Of Cinematic Arts) Category: Comedy.

4. “All-Boys High” Director: SeungWoo Oh (Republic Of South Korea) Category: Comedy

5. “Haunted City” Director: Christopher R. Notile (United States) Category: Horror

6. “The Fixer” Director: David Calderon Vizcaya (United States) Category: Science Fiction

7. “Otherside” Director: Flavio Langoni (Brazil) Category: Science Fiction

8. “Pet Peeved” Director: Daryn Strauss (United States) Category: Comedy

9. “Ruby Baby” Director: Lee McQueen (United Kingdom) Category: Action

10. “Herrings” Director: Keith Chamberlain (United States) Category: Thriller

11. “Housing Unit “ Director: Martín García (Argentina) Category: Thriller.

12. “Unadventurers” Director: Lucas Durão (Brazil) Category: Comedy.

13. “How To Buy A Baby” Director: Adriana Maggs (Canada) Category: Comedy.

14. “Deluxe Motion” Director: Mathieu Handfield (Canada) Category: Animation

15. “Cooking On The Frankston Line 2” Director: Nathan Ceddia (Australia) Category: Comedy.

16. “Demonologist For Hire: Exorcism For Beginners” Director: Uisdean Murray (United Kingdom) Category: Horror.

17. “Sure Beile – The Secret of Sarita” Director: Samy Waitzberg (Brazil) Category: Documentary.

18. “Wholesome Foods, I Love You… Is That OK?” Directors: Mazi Khalighi,Krista Hovsepian, Patricia Marcoccia, Tricia Lee (Canada) Category: Comedy.

19. “SUPERDADDY” Director: Thomas Queille (Switzerland) Category: Comedy.

20. “Salamander: A Mystery” Director: Gabriel Sentlinger (Canada) Category: Comedy.

21. “Tech Bettys” Director: Kathleen Davison (United States) Category: Comedy.

22. “Forest League” Director: Sergio Kalili ( Brazil) Category: Animation.

23. “Full Steam Punks” Director: Felipe Reis ( Brazil) Category: Thriller.

24. “Flight 69” Director: Karine DE FALCHI (France) Category: Comedy.


by Samantha Ofole-Prince

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